Industrial use Vacuum pumps+La...

Industrial use Vacuum pumps+Laboratory Vacuum pumps+Vacuum Pumps for Ammonia

Industrial use Vacuum pumps

RD Vaccum Pumps Anti suck back valve: A safety feature prevents pump oil from being sucked into the system when the pump switches off.

RDM Vacuum Pumps Cooling:Natural convection. These pumps integrate an additional fan for a better cooling.

RSM Vacuum Pumps Cooling:Natural convection. These pumps integrate an additional

fan for a better cooling. 

Laboratory Vacuum pumps

Top3_En_1 Oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pump (two stages) manufactured with the latest technology

Vacuum_Pump_2G6_En Double stage Easy installation, compact construction.
Very low noise level, according to ISO 3744. Easy to carry and use. Gas ballast valve.
Very easy to maintain. Flanges: DN10KF (connection to rubber tube as optional) .
Thermally protected motor. ON/OFF switch and electrical plug. Working temperature: 60-70 °C. Minimal start-up temperature: 5 °C.Anti suck back valve incorporated.

Portable Vacuum pumps  Telstar F Series vacuum pumps use an oil sealed rotary vane system (two stages), are manufactured with the latest technology and specifically designed for air conditioning and refrigeration service.

Vacuum Pumps for Ammonia Specially designed for use in medium and high vacuum applications evacuating ammonia atmospheres, materials of construction and design are specifically directed at chemical and mechanical resistance, resulting in a robust and reliable pump.


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