Eco-Friendly Condensing Boiler




Innovation of Boiler!? Condensing Boiler fits with environment

and shows supreme thermo-efficiency of 101.5%.








  • Boiler efficiency 101.5% (based on the net calorific value) achieved
  • O2 trimming (patented in 2009) device as a standard feature (combustion efficiency maximized)
  • Active handling of sudden load changes by applying a high-efficiency inverter (ultra power saving, 40~50% reduction in CO2 and NOx)
  • Equipped with a strong heat pipe type air preheater(heat efficiency maximized)
  • Equipped with an energy saving condensing economizer (CO2 reduction)
  • Minimizing pollution(condensate water released after being neutralized)
  • Inverter, Low-CO2, Low-NOx features (Optional)
  • High-efficiency boiler (thermal efficiency above 100%)
  • Safe design with logical research facility structure.
  • Able to recover exhaust heat up to 40 to 50%.
  • Able to respond to sufficient output for retained water, as well as load changes.
  • Equipped with a heat pipe exhaust heat recovery device, as well as a forced draught ventilator.
  • Easy maintenance of major parts.

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