Hot Oil Boiler




It is an innovative boiler using heat transfer fluid to raise high temperature

safely with a low pressure in a factory requiring high pressure; it can

control temperature precisely with a fully automated system; it can save

equipment cost as well as maintenance cost by achieving maximized

productivity from high efficiency, minimizing fuel cost, high safety and

semi-permanent life.










  • High temperature of Max. 350 from low pressure is safely obtained.
  • It is a special structure to keep high heat efficiency and simply controls boiling and cooling.
  • There is no loss of heat, and water feeding and supply system are not needed, because hot oil is circulated within an airtight cycle.
  • It is made very precisely with the processing machine of an exclusive hot oil boiler coil.
  • Heating coil is evenly disposed on heating surface, so that boiling phenomena may not be occurred in a partial section. Besides, life time is semipermanent with no carbonization and erosion of heat oil.
  • As the front part can be opened and closed, cleaning is available anytime. So, it keeps heat efficiency and prolongs its life time. It requires small installation area and has simple structure and nice appearance.

Usage : Textile, Dyeing, Food processing, Synthetic resin, Petroleum & Chemistry, Paint & Vamish, Oil & Fat industry and factory etc.




P &I Diagram

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