Gas Steam Boiler



: GAS Steam Boilers


: MD-****G

Fuel Type

: LPG and NG



- MD-***G indicates gas boiler.
- Standard power is 3HP/220V/60HZ. Notice of change, if any, is requied.
- Fuel consumption is calculated at low heat valve : 13A = 9900kcal/Nm³. LPG Propane = 11460kcal/kg. LPG Butane = 10900kcal/kg.
- Gas supply pressure 13A : 200mmAq. LPG : 280mmAq, 1000kg/h ~ 2000kg/h model supply Gas supply pressure 0.8 ~ 3.5kgf/cm².  
 Installation of pressure reducing device, gas entrance to the boiler to reduce 400 ~ 700mmAq
 ☼ Stable low pressure gas supply, no rapid depressurization sufficient flow
- Partial modification for improvement is allowed without notice.
- Boiler efficiency tolerance value ±1%
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